Music room

Welcome to our music room where we start our adventure -whether for example it’s a teddy bears picnic, flying into space, creeping into the jungle, sailing the high seas, visiting our farm, riding our horse into the Wild West! We are constantly working to develop new creative experiences for our mini artists

Our music section is so much more than just bashing out a few notes on our instruments, it teaches our toddlers such vital skills as teamwork, communication, concentration, motor skills development and confidence in themselves and their choices through its gentle structure

Every session starts with our Hello song and we greet everyone by name – a wonderful way to start our mornings!

We warm up our bodies and voices with our multi-sensory equipment- bean bags, pom-poms, ribbons, tambourines, fairy bells, all ready for our adventures to begin.

We explore the world around us by using our music and props (including our favourite costumes, hula hoops, finger puppets, dinosaurs, frogs, fish, sheep, teddies, jungle animals, and mice – not forgetting everyone’s number one -our bouncy spiders!) Some of our songs are old classics, others are a new and exciting addition to our class!