Art room

Welcome to the Art room where our toddlers inspire us every day!

We ensure our art room is a safe and comfortable place for our budding artists to experiment and explore their world around them. We only use child friendly paints, glue, pencils, crayons, chalks, pens and our famous homemade playdough. All of our products can and have been tasted safely by various little artists -although we really don’t recommend it!

The Art room is free flow so toddlers can chose just how to explore it encouraging independence. Some children travel freely between stations exploring everything whilst others often stick to one table. With time your toddler will learn to use all our space and with your guidance and support can gain so much from this session.

Every week we create a piece of toddler friendly craft that our budding artists get to take home and proudly display These pieces use different textures ,techniques and materials.

We recognise our toddlers are all unique and the art room experience is designed to enrich their personal development at their own pace whilst having loads of fun at the same time!